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    Questions about jobs

    2015-May-13       Source: Newsgd.com

    The access to the information of job opportunities and preparation for job interview.

    Where can I get the information of job opportunities in Guangdong?

    Job168.com is a professional recruitment network, offering the most update and a vast amount of recruitment information from various industries.


    How to prepare for a job interview in local companies?

    Preparing for a job interview is not difficult. It just takes time to research the organization and position, anticipate interview questions and prepare questions to ask the hiring manager. Here are the specific things that you can do to prepare for a government job interview.

    Devour the organization’s website.

    Read the press clippings.

    Look for clues in the job posting.

    Anticipate the interview questions.

    Prepare questions to ask your interviewer.

    (By Jecey)

    Editor: Sylvia

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